TXIO’s products are built using our proprietary software: The MarketDepth System. The MarketDepth System is a software toolkit for finance, and serves as the foundation for each of our products.

We customize each product to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us at to discuss how we can meet the goals and requirements of your business.

  Financial Brokerage

TXIO’s MarketDepth System is a full-stack solution that implements and manages financial markets. We provide a one-stop shop for Financial Brokers looking to offer new online markets to their clients.

  • Front, Middle, and Back Office tools

  • Over The Counter (OTC) and Securitized Markets

  • Integrated Reporting, Risk Management, and Compliance

  Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Manager is an online tool for users to analyze financial data in one place, removing the hassle of dealing with multiple financial portals. It is customizable, allowing users to model complex portfolios and personal financial data.

  • Multi-asset— Stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed-income, FX, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), custom products

  • International— Multi-currency accounting, international investments, multi-lingual

  • Cash Flows— Ability to model cash flows such as salary, pensions, mortgages, loans, dividend income, etc.

  Books and Records

The MarketDepth System is a formal Books and Records system for Financial Institutions. It provides accurate, real-time reporting on financial transactions.

  • Multi-asset— FX, stocks (domestic, international), fixed-income, futures, derivatives, structured products

  • International— International market coverage, integrated currency conversions, multi-lingual

  • Customizable