About Our Company

Re-Engineering the Financial Markets

TXIO was founded in 2007 in Toronto, Canada. Our founders understood that success in the financial markets increasingly depends on technology, and set about creating a new generation of financial software driven by research, innovation and outstanding design. The result is our core product, The MarketDepth System — a software toolkit for finance.

TXIO licenses The MarketDepth System to banks, financial brokers, wealth managers and investment professionals world-wide. See our Products page for more information, or contact us at info@txio.ca.


Chris Florian

Chief Technical Officer

Chris is a founder of TXIO and the Chief Architect of The MarketDepth System. He has successfully delivered globally recognized transaction processing systems at Celestica, Oanda, and now TXIO. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario.

Daniel Vranesic

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel is the company’s CEO, and also a founder. He is responsible for corporate strategy and development. Daniel has also served as the CIO for Ayondo since 2010 and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario.

Derek DeVries

Chief Product Officer

Derek is a founder of TXIO. He has a background in high performance computing research and has architected automated risk management and other core business services for Oanda and now for TXIO.